Ancient BaNtu Connection: Kamitic/Kemetic Color Symbolism and African Cosmology

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Never Forget It Began in Kamit Never Forget It Began in Kamit

The debate over the ethnicity of the Kamitic/Kemetic people should be laid to rest by now, but the reason it isn’t is because Western academia (despite the overwhelming evidence against their ridiculous claim) is still in denial that black and brown people made significant contributions to the world. The other reason why this argument has not been laid to rest is because although knowing that the Kamitic/Kemetic people were black and brown people has done wonders for the majority of us culturally. Many of us are still at a lost as to how to use this information to improve our lives because we have not learned how to use our history from an African perspective.

When I moved beyond the Western approach of history of only being concerned with who, what, when and why, one…

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The Metaphysical Understanding behind the Black Panther film

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Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

Ok. The reviews are in and Black Panther is making millions. By now, I am sure you have heard every critic and review available from the far right to the far left, but I have not heard anyone mention the metaphysical and spiritual significance of this film, so let me give my take on it.

For the record, after seeing the Black Panther in Captain America’s Civil War; I was stoked to see the Black Panther movie mainly because I like so many of us, was tired of seeing every Black hero portrayed as a bald headed man who just wants super strength. When BP made his appearance he was cool because his fighting style was unmatched. He reminded me of Blade another Black anti-hero whose skills were unmatched.

Of course, after the movie came out. There were all type of critics and reviews. Now, I…

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Ethiopia mother of Egypt — Alafia

Greetings in the new name, Haile Selassie I, the Word of God clothed in Majestic power, glory, honour and riches. Hail to the Lamb the Word becoming flesh, without blemish, pure salvation for all who recieves and desires to live a righetous life. Glory to rightful mother of salvation. We as a people will not […]

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Cardi B Is Back WIth “Money” [NEW MUSIC] — Hot 96.3

Source: David Crotty / Getty That didn’t take long. Cardi B is back with her latest single “Money” and the Bronx rapstress is letting people know once again — she loves nothing more than a check. RELATED: Cardi B Says Women With “Mustaches” Have That Good Good, Do You Agree? RELATED: Is Cardi B…

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‘LHHATL’ Star Spice Just Pulled Off The Best Marketing Ploy To Get People To Listen To Her Mixtape — 101.1 The Wiz

Source: SPEX PHOTOGRAPHY, INC / SPEX PHOTOGRAPHY, INC Colorism is an issue not only prevalent in American culture but in Caribbean culture as well and this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta artist Spice (real name Grace Hamilton) is using her platform to speak out about it. Spice scammed all of us when she posted a…

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