Saudi Women Right to Drive Activists Deploy Twitter, Face Terrorism Court


It has been nearly two weeks since Saudi Arabia lost King Abdullah, 90, whom his people affectionately labeled “The King of Humanity.” Since then, the notoriously slow-moving country has swiftly shifted gears. The new ruler, King Salman, 79, is the first Saudi King to have an official Twitter account and he addressed his citizens on social media. The Saudi history book is now being written live, 140 characters at a time. But while Saudi communications have moved into the 21st century, other traditions of the nation remain stuck in the past.

King Salman isn’t the only reason Saudi citizens have been glued to their Twitter feeds recently. Nearly two months ago, a determined Saudi woman with a valid driver’s license, Loujain Al Hathloul, 25, drove alone to the Saudi border from neighboring United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since women in Saudi Arabia are unable to drive in the country, the…

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