Kristen Wiig Danced While Sia Stared At The Wall During Her Live ‘Chandelier’ Performance At Last Night’s Grammys

The Average Nobodies

I’m getting a little fed up with Sia. It’s one thing to not want to appear in public, but it’s another thing to sign yourself up for live television performances that EVERYONE WATCHES. If you want to be an artist and a recluse, go for it. Let your freak flag fly. But showing up to SNL or the Grammys with a large, fake wig that conceals your face just irks me. If her plan is to irk people then she’s doing a superb job. If her secondary plan was to get Kristen Wiig on the Grammys to do an interpretive dance then she deserves some kind of gold model. My head says this was a choreographed, rehearsed dance, but my heart says that Sia brought Kristen Wiig in and let her go rogue. The live version of ‘Chandelier’ is a jam, and it was only enhanced by Kristen Wiig’s fantastic dancing.  If…

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