Watch a Guy Open a Beer With a Sheet of Paper


Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, a video of a guy demonstrating how to open a bottle of beer with a sheet of A4-size paper is going viral.

The instructions in the description of the clip on YouTube read as follows:

Fold the paper in half vertically until you end up with only a small amount of paper left.

Fold this remaining paper lengthways to create a ‘V’ shape from the paper

Put the ‘V’ of the paper against the underside of the bottle cap and apply pressure.

Rhys Morgan, a 21-year-old English major at Cardiff University, told The Daily Mail he figured out the trick while hanging out with friends who did not have a bottle opener.

The video has racked up more than 3.4 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on March 6.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

[time-brightcove videoid= 4032799374001]

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