News: Facebook is Governed by the CIA – Learn How It Pries Into Every Part of Your Life

A few months ago, Anonymous shared some CIA secrets in a video on Facebook.  The video looked to be shared hundreds of thousands of times but in reality, many of those “shares”were blocked.  We found that interesting and wondered why.

Here is the video we’re referring to:

Then this recent YouTube upload was discovered identifying Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, as a direct agent for the CIA.  This video encourages users to shut down their Facebook accounts in order to protect their rights to privacy.


Farmville was created to appease people in the U.S. when unemployment rates soared.

Syncing your contact list to FB Messenger allows all your private contacts to be shared on a FB server.

FB Messenger can identify which wireless network you use.

The “Nearby Friends” option uses your phone to pinpoint your exact location.

Facebook keeps a chart of everything you watch and listen to off the website.

Facebook’s music and TV ID feature uses your phone’s microphone to identify background sounds.

Facebook tracks your Calendar Events so agents can pick you up for questioning at will!

The new reaction emojis that replaced the singular Like button collects user psychological data that is sold to advertisers.

Government agents send friend requests to users to obtain private information.

Facebook creates 3D models of users’ faces.


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