Cut It Out – D. Square (A Tribute to all the Victims of Police Brutality)




In order for our people to truly defeat#whitesupremacy and replace it with a system of#Justice, where everyone is treated equally, it is imperative that we permanently call out & purge ALL#Coons from the movement.

{NOTE} #Coon refers to black entertainers who perform and/or take roles that portrays black people in stereotypical ways to the detriment of the black community, usually for monetary gain, but not always.

They ALL collectively play a part in #TrayvonMartin,#MichaelBrown#TamirRice#SandraBland,#OscarGrant#MarioWoods#AndyLopez,#AlexNietto, and countless other brothers & sisters of colors death because they FACILITATE in conditioning the masses of people that WE young brothers & sisters of color are nothing more than pimps, thugs, thieves, drug dealers, and gangsters who not only don’t respect woman, but call OUR woman B’s & Ho’s.

So, now when a 13yr old boy gets his life snuffed out in less than 2 seconds of an officers arrival (Tamir Rice) or when a brother is choked out (in an illegal police choke-hold) for the entire world to see on CAMERA dies (Eric Garner), and the officer who killed him walks free…the masses of the people essentially turn a “blind-eye” to it simply because they have been CONDITIONED by #Coon entertainers that we young brothers & sisters are threats and/or less than.

All I got to say is..


“Cut it out” by: Damion Square

Produced by: David Baldini
Directed by: Damion Square
Edited by: Nick Blancett
Song Mixed by: Edgar Avila

*This video was shot in Andy Lopez Park. The site where 13yr old Andy Lopez was gunned down by officer Eric Gelhaus as he walked home from a friends house. ~Rest. In. Power~

#cutit #cutitout #cutitoutorelse
#enoughisenough #Coon #FTP
#justice4andylopez #justice4oscargrant
#justice4sandrabland #justice4tamirrice
#blackandbrown #daretoshare

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