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About Us- Contributor, Matt Bible


Matt Bible is a D.C, native and a veritable blogging extraordinaire that started leaving a digital footprint on his self-named website in January 2010.  After reading a couple of posts under his hip hop category at, SNS felt honored when he expressed an interest in cross-publishing with us.  That means you’ll find some of our original articles on his site and some of his here.

As an aside, Matt is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Please visit his site,, for fitness tips and to read success stories from people he’s helped to live healthier lives.


Watch Who U Put On Your Song- Kendrick Lamar Says Step Your Game Up!


D.C. Indie Rock/Hip Hop Band, RDGLDGRN Hits “I LOVE LAMP”


About Us- Contributor, The Washington Pzm

SNS Contributor, The Washington Pzm, on the left
SNS Contributor, The Washington Pzm, on the left

The Washington Pzm is the literary manifestation of Washington, D.C.’s renowned Mighty Emperor Sound International family and is also a member of the Dro Boiz.  Needless to say, he grew up around the production of music and knows what it takes to pack dance hall parties from first hand experience.  With all of this background in reggae, the fascination with hip hop can come as a bit of a surprise but Pzm keeps his ear to rap music‘s underground and so has thoughtful contributions to this digital platform.

Fuck the Bubblegum Pop – D-Block’s L.O.X. Remixes Drake’s Pound Cake


D.C. Reggae Award Winner #Rush Dem of the Mighty Emperor Family Taking over the Fillmore July 27th!


Rush Dem Live at the Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD

About Us – Correspondent, Kwame Asare

Kwame Asare with Rick Gonzales
Kwame Asare with Rick Gonzales

Kwame Asare is a native to the home of hip hop, Bronx, New York and we are most proud to include his celebrity interviews amongst our posts.  To date, he has given us interviews with actor and hip hop artist, Rick Gonzales and Black Mafia Family‘s Bleu DaVinci.  His first interview for us uploaded May 2013 and we anxiously look forward to all of the quality work he brings to the SNS Nightlife table.

Kwame Asare may be reached directly via the following outlets:

Twitter: @ktelevision1 @kwameasare5

Instagram- kwameasare5

Email Kwame at

About Us – Editor-in-Chief, Sarah McLeod


Doprah No Filtah at Blis.FM/AllWeGot Rap Cypher
Doprah No Filtah at Blis.FM/AllWeGot Rap Cypher

Sarah McLeod  (pen names, Gypsy and Doprah No Filtah)  is the creator and Editor-in-Chief of SNS Nightlife Magazine .com.

She grew up around the production of music thanks to her older brother, Elihu Morris, a Boston-based reggae singer who toured the world opening for renowned artists such as Gregory Isaac, Dennis Brown and Marcia Griffiths.  At the behest of her parents, she gravitated her attentions more toward academics but the longing to be a part of the execution of music always lingered.  She embraced the independence of early adulthood by cutting her teeth on the challenges of road management of a now defunct hip-hop group.

Two college degrees and many years later, she simply considers herself a Writer; someone who understands the values of first party data and using music to keep the messages of “looked over people” relevant.   Read just one of her music reviews for a full comprehension of the execution of sound.  “I want readers to hear what I hear,”  she says.  Over time these same reviews have come to be fully appreciated by artists, producers, deejays, and record label owners alike.  “Although I may not like all music, I welcome all requests for interviews and music reviews.

“When I came up with the idea for this digital place, I dreamt of creating a virtual umbrella for all urban music.  I credit my Jamaican heritage and American upbringing for the full fruition of this dream.”


Sarah McLeod