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Inkanyezi Nezazi (The Star and the Wisemen) – Ladysmith Black Mambazo

(Sung in Zulu)

Kuye kwamemeza baprofethi emandulo (The prophets prophesied long ago)
Kumemeza abantu abadala kangaka (The elders are calling)
Webantwana kanisalaleni ngani (Children, listen and learn)
Umbiko wokuzalwa kenkosi uJesu (Their message is on the birth of Jesus)

Nansoke inkanyezi (The wise men)
enhle kunazozonke (Followed this star)
Eyalandelwa isiswe (That appeared)
Zivela empumalanga (in the East)

Baba/Mama, baba/mama wami; (Father/Mother, My Father/Mother)
Mama/Baba (hmm) Bhinc'(hmm) ibeshu lakho(Father/Mother, Your apron(?))
Simemeza ngazwi linyi (hmm) (We declare that which we know)
Sithi (hmm) Izelwe (hmm) (The word says that He is)
Inkosi Yamakhosi (The King of Kings)

Uquinsile umprofethi (The truth spoken by the prophets)
Yinhle kunazozonke (To the whole world)
Masiyindandeleni (Of that star)
Khona sizophumela (That we should follow)

Saqala Sabezwa besho (He first heard them tell us) x2
saze sabona nathi embhalweni (then we saw the writings)
{Sabe, sesiyakholwa, (Then we believed)
yilolo esikufundayo lithini ibhabeli} x? (What we read in scriptures)



Mzee & Rafiki ft Uhuru ~ Domba (Official Video for the Snake Dance)

After more than 3 years of recording in more than 10 countries with over 30 musicians, Mzee and Rafiki have released a Pan-African album titled Timhamba (Xitsonga for Ancestral Rituals) aiming at uniting Africans through music and fight against xenophobia.
Award winning journalist, Mzilikazi wa Afrika, and his friends, Gorden Netshikweta and Julius Dlamini, a duo affectionately known as Rafiki, have travelled around the continent and worked with legends like Salif Keita (Mali), Fela Kuti (Nigeria), Bholoja (Swaziland), Hishishi Papa (Namibia) Aly Faque (Mozambique) Phuzekhemisi (South Africa) and many others to bring you the authentic African sound.
Our music video Mzee & Rafiki ft Salif Keita – We are all Africans has been nominated for an international award along side the likes of Wizkid, DJ Maphorisa, Drake, Chris Brown, Adele, Black Coffee, Rihanna and many others at – see the attachment
We have also running a social responsibility program where we give food parcels to those less privileged, straight from our pocket – see attached photo for an event that happened on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at Sibambayani Village in Bushbuckridge.
OUT NOW Mzee & Rafiki’s Pan-African tribal house music album Timhamba (Ancestral Rituals) on CD at Musica nationwide and iTunes recorded in more than 10 countries with more than 30 musicians in over 3 years
1. Timhamba ft Khululiwe Sithole (South Africa)
2. Zifun’imali ft Mbuso Khoza (South Africa)
3. Afrikan woman ft Kani (Nigeria)
4. Domba ft Uhuru (South Africa)
5. We are all Africans ft Salif Keita (Mali)
6. Africa remembers ft Brenda Mtambo (South Africa)
7. Give Praises ft Ali (Turkey)
8. Ama//haume ft Kashivi and Pops Mohamed (South Africa)
9. Arrave ft Jorgen Stenberg (Sweden)
10. Hiisi ft Wiyaala (Ghana)
11. Tsea Nako ft Malatji (South Africa)
12. Tindika ft Alino (Democratic Republic of Congo)
13. Afrika ft Bholoja (Swaziland)
1. Othigulakwalo ft Hishishi Papa (Namibia)
2. Imvelaphi ft Suthukazi Arosi (South Africa)
3. Garingani wa Garingani ft Soweto Children Quartet (South Africa)
4. Sina ft Salif Keita ~ Bomba Africah Remix (Mali)
5. Impimpi ft Phuzekhemisi ~ Bomba Remix (South Africa)
6. Apaga O Fogo ft Game Walla ~ Uhuru Remix (Angola)
7. Mfana ft Sizakele (South Africa)
8. Nywe Nywe Nywe Nywe (Bomba Time) ft Uhuru and Soweto Children Quartet (South Africa)
9. Watcharaco ft Aly Faque (Mozambique)
10. Move your yansh ft Kunle Ayo (Nigeria)
11. Nix Mahamba Hamba ft Rooted Soul (South Africa)
12. Vhadzimu ft Edith (South Africa)
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Mzee & Rafiki ft Uhuru ~ Domba
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